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Country House for sale in Arejos, Aguilas, Spain.

The country house has been redone in 1993 and major upgrade took place in 2009. The house is continuously maintained and improved. You will find more than 300 square meters spread over seven rooms in the main house including three bedrooms and two bath rooms.

The house is fully equipped to provide comfortable accommodation for six people.

The master bedroom has a walk-in closet and a bathroom. The second bathroom is at guests' disposal. Both bathrooms are equipped with bathtube, shower, toilet, bidet and mirror / sink combination. A Third bathroom is available in the “Almacen”.

An office space is located between the master bedroom and the "reading room". The reading room has comfortable furniture and bookshelves. A fireplace provides comfort.
The main living room is also fully equipped with furniture, perfect for relaxing, dining or playing. A second fireplace is located in a residential area with furniture for comfortable seating.
The "Arab room", a small and intimate space, suitable for a siesta, or as temporary quarters is next to it.
The kitchen is fully equipped for twelve people. Oven, stove, dishwasher and microwave and two refrigerators are available.

Behind the house there is a private patio. In front of the main entrance is a small (approximately 15 m²) terrace. The next terrace is in front of the house (30m ²) with views to the south and the sea. The next terrace is the "Breakfast Terrace", it faces to the east, to the sunrise. It is located in the walled garden. Twenty meters away is the "Almacen". Here is a diesel tank room (plastic tank with 1.000 liters capacity), a depot for six large gas bottles. The Almacen is served by a separate driveway. Then there's a generator room, electrical room, utility room and the third bathroom with shower. This is also where the washing machine. This bathroom has a separate water heater. Furthermore there is a storage room for garden furniture.

The water supply is via a closed water tank up to 20.000 liter, thirty meter above the House level (3 bar). The paths around the house are attached and filled with gravel.

The total land scape of the Hacienda is about 47 ha (hectares) or 470.000 square meters.
Yes, four hundred seventy thousand square meters!

Short list of equipment:
Solar system with 5 kW inverter (sine)
Four Battery Chargers with 25 A
Generator (diesel), 10.5 kW
Two generators (gasoline), à 2.3 kW
High-pressure cleaner (Karcher)
Electric welder
Concrete mixers, with gasoline engine
Very well equipped with the many tools and machinery

Do you play golf? The nearest golf course is less than half an hour off your new house. Other golf courses can be reached in less than an hour.



Energetic Rate


598.000 €
Surface: 300 m2
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Air: Yes
Heating: Central

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Avenida del secano, nº58 04617 Palomares Cuevas de Almanzora (Almería)
Avenida del secano, nº58 04617 Palomares Cuevas de Almanzora (Almería)
(+34) 950 467 054 - (+34) 691 269 942